Comments for the Rome Historic Preservation Commission in response to a proposal to decommission a portion of the Avenue A Historic District…..Learn more at
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Dear City of Rome Historic Preservation Commission:
History—like the future—is important and worthy of our protection. One need go no further than Roswell or LaGrange to witness the impact historic preservation has on the quality of life of residents and in attracting visitors. As stewards of what came before us, leaders must be vigilant protectors of our shared heritage.
Members of the Rome Area Heritage Foundation board of directors are concerned over a request to remove, rather than safeguard, a protection accorded an area listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Avenue A Historic District is designated on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1998, the City of Rome recognized the importance of our local heritage and historic resources and designated this area as one of Rome’s local historic districts. Historic designation is an honor and it provides protection by preventing inappropriate changes that could destroy the historical integrity of the area. Development is allowed in a historic district with appropriate guidelines that ensure what is built blends in and is complementary to the historic area.
The recent effort to remove a portion of Avenue A from the historic designation would create a negative effect and contradict the historic integrity of the City of Rome. All of Rome’s historic districts are extremely valuable and create a unique quality of living and financial gain to the city in tourism for those visiting historic Rome.
We request the City of Rome continue to support Rome’s local heritage and historic resources and vote to keep the Avenue A Historic District intact.
Thank you for all you do for historic preservation.
Rome Area Heritage Foundation Board of Directors
[PHOTO: Doug Walker, Rome News-Tribune)