ROME, GA. — The Downtown Development Parking Office is excited to announce the arrival of pedicabs as a new alternative transportation option for the downtown area. Pedicabs or bike taxis provide passengers quick, safe and environmentally friendly transportation.

Starting this May, Joyride Pedicabs will offer the bike taxi service weekly every Thursday through Saturday in the central business district of Downtown Rome. Passengers can simply call for service or hail a pedicab when sighted downtown. The company has worked with Hawthorn Suites Hotel to be located out of their parking lot.

“This form of transportation will be fun and convenient and you may even learn a bit of Rome’s history as you ride,” said commissioner Evie McNiece, chair of the Parking Committee. Pedicab drivers will work on gratuity, so there will be no set fee for service.

“The pedicab service will alleviate some of the Broad Street parking issues by encouraging off-street parking and riding the pedicabs right to the door of your favorite destination, in turn creating more turn-over of on-street parking spaces,” stated Becky Smyth, Parking Manager. Smyth added that the pedicab will also be popular for visitors who can leave their car and catch a ride to shopping or dining in downtown.

Joyride Pedicab owners, Vince Wiley and Mike Schaller, are looking forward to adding to the downtown landscape. “We are so excited and thankful to become a part of the Rome family!”

They most recently launched a pedicab service at LakePoint Sporting Community in 2015 and then quickly expanded their business to include the wedding and event market.

The Downtown Parking Office has plans for Joyride Pedicabs to make some special appearances during the months of March and April before the service officially starts in May.

For downtown Rome parking and pedicab service questions, contact Parking Services Manager, Becky Smyth at 706-236-4458. Downtown Rome parking information is also available online at


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